You Can Go Green with National Grid

As you renovate your home, consider these environmentally friendly rebates and incentives.
Solar Panel Installer Installing Solar Panels On Roof Of Modern House

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Through National Grid, Rhode Island residents can receive rebates by using high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. For high-efficiency boilers and furnaces, residents can claim rebates up to $800 while saving 30 percent on energy bills. Electric heat pump water heaters qualify for a $600 rebate. On-demand and storage water heaters can qualify for rebates up to $600, while a combination condensing boiler and on-demand water heater unit can earn a $1,200 rebate. National Grid offers rebates for air purifiers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, low-flow shower heads and even advanced power strips and Energy Star light bulbs. 

For renewable heating and cooling, the state’s Office of Energy Resources recommends an air source heat pump, which is three times more efficient at heating than systems that burn fossil fuels, or a ground source heat pump, which is carbon neutral. Solar panels are highly recommended as a renewable energy source. Wood pellets, biofuels and induction burners are other ways to save energy.

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