Get Out and Make Some Magic at the Thunder Moon Market on Friday Night

The Providence Flea and Witches Night Out Market New England have teamed up to fulfill all your witchy summer night needs.
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Courtesy of the Providence Flea

This Friday, July 22, will showcase the Providence Flea as many have never seen it before: At night!

With four halls of more than seventy-five artisans and vendors featuring everything from white witches and metaphysical merch to tarot readings and crystal displays, the Thunder Moon Market also offers a more unique magical and mystical quality not often as discernible during the morning hours.

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Courtesy of the Providence Flea

The event marks the third in a series of Friday Night Fleas put on by the Providence Flea and Witches’ Night Out Market New England. The kismet collaboration started when the Providence Flea’s Market Manager, Maria Tocco, met author and artist Laura Tempest Zakroff as a vendor at the Flea during the summer of 2021.

“We started talking and I didn’t realize she was the organizer of Witches Night Out Market New England,” Tocco says. “We decided to meet for coffee and just hit it off, organizer to organizer. So, we started planning an event together, which was the Halloween Friday Night Flea later that fall. It was such a huge hit we decided to continue with a series of Friday Night Markets together, once a month from May through October this year and name them around sun and moon events on the calendar.”

Following May’s Flower Moon Market and June’s Summer Solstice Market, Friday night’s market pays homage to the recent full moon, nicknamed the Thunder Moon for the early summer season’s frequent thunderstorms. It is also sometimes referred to as the Buck Moon in reference to the period in which bucks shed their antlers in preparation for a more impressive set. A ritual space will be set aside in the foyer midway through the main hall that night for reflection and observance in respect of the celestial occurrence.

But if you’re looking for something a little more enlightening, one of the halls will be entirely dedicated to Tarot readings. Readers Row will feature a framed collection of the reader’s and mystic’s biographies along with a key for each. You can reserve time with the reader you are interested in meeting with by selecting their respective key, or you can come back later when they are available (session lengths and prices will vary by reader).

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Courtesy of the Providence Flea

Plus, the market will feature a free mini lecture series on Waning Moon Magic and Meditation (sign up here if you’re interested) in the New Harvest Coffee Lab; a selfie-worthy Thunder Moon cloud ritual alter off the main hall; artisans selling both witchy and non-witchy art, goods and wares throughout (think: soaps, potions, vintage threads, live plants and cool taxidermy); henna artists; live portrait drawings; and live music on the back patio. On the food and drink side, you can expect delicious craft cocktails from RI Cruisin’ Cocktails, iced beer slushies from Providence Brewery, chicken dumplings from Nanu the Burmese Fusion, fresh baked gourmet brownies from Thrive Cakery, fresh vegan donuts from the Donut Shack and more.

If you’re ready to beat the heat and make some magic this weekend, the Thunder Moon Market will take place Friday evening between 5 and 9 p.m. at Farm Fresh RI in Olneyville. Can’t make it? Don’t fret, the Friday Night Flea series will continue with the Myths and Mysteries Market on August 19, the Enchanted Autumnal Equinox Market on September 16 and the Halloween Market on October 21.

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Courtesy of the Providence Flea