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“Humans of New York System,” October

“You can sit here and look out the window and see every layer of Rhode Island: young, old, white, Hispanic, African American, you name it.”–Greg Stevens, fourth-generation co-owner of James Beard Foundation America’s Classic winner.
James Beard Foundation
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I was gone from Rhode Island for twenty years. I came back for my mother’s funeral and this was the one place I had to visit. I introduced my twenty-four-year-old daughter to it for the first time. She was only three years old when we left Rhode Island. She loved it and got a big kick out of the guys who run the place. What a great dose of nostalgia! Just reading this article gives me a really strong craving. By the way, miss Haven Bros. too!
Lieder Joe
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I first came here in the late 1950s and through the ’60s. I have not been back to Rhode Island since 1968 when I moved out of state.
I maintained a nostalgic Rhode Island website for sixteen years to capture my memories of living there. I met a lot of Rhode Islanders throughout the world with that experience…Thank you Olneyville New York System for being a part of my life for so many years.
Raymond Testa
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To cover this Rhode Island gem by taking the time to be there day and late night says a lot for [your] passion to really get the story perfect. This is excellent foodie journalism.
Rick Simone
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