All Aboard the Harmony Railway in Glocester

This mini train offers big fun in northwestern Rhode Island.
Wolf Matthewson

Russ Gross is in the happy business. After retiring from a demanding career, Gross set out to transform his family land in Glocester into a place of joy for all. This little blue engine that could — which he bought from a Texas builder and, in November of 2019, installed on his property alongside a new shop with farm-made honey, soap and other goodies — set him on the right track. “Everybody likes trains,” he says. “It’s a dark world out there, and we need a little more light.” The mini train rumbles through farmland and woods on a ten-minute, half-mile tour, and riders sometimes catch glimpses of the resident red tail hawks. Citing P.T. Barnum’s quote, “The noblest art is that of making others happy,” Gross says the train has welcomed visitors ranging from five months to ninety-two, and nobody gets off grumpy. “Even in the masks, I can see people’s smiles coming through.”