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Tabor Academy - Marine Science

Tabor will be offering a three-week Marine Science experience this summer. Young marine scientists will have the option of coming for the entire three weeks, or coming for one or two weeks. The first week will focus on Marine Biology and the Scientific Method. We will snorkel and kayak over rocky, sandy, and marsh environments. We will set lobster, crab, and eel traps, as well as fishing from our boats, to assist in the collection. The first week will also include a Whale Watch to witness the incredible behavior of our Marine Mammals. The second week will include the integration of Marine Science Research Technology. Campers will gain instruction and experience with Drones and Remotely Operated Vehicles. We will also be travelling out to Race Point at Provincetown to use the drones and R.O.V.s to search for marine mammals, sharks, and sea turtles. The third week will focus on Oceanography and Research Presentations. Our campers will become proficient at analyzing all the chemical and physical parameters of our harbor. We will be utilizing both hands-on and digital sampling techniques. We will visit Woods Hole, to be a part of a research cruise on the Marine Biological Laboratories Research Vessel ‘Gemma‘.

Contact: Jay Cassista
Address: 226 Front Street, Marion, MA 02738
Phone: 508-748-2000
E-mail: jcassista@taboracademy.org
Website: taboracademy.org/page/summer/marine-science-camp