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ElectroMagnetic Pinball Summer Camp

ElectroMagnetic Pinball Summer Camp is a hands-on exciting science focused program for current and future pinball wizards! This dynamic learning activity for kids ages 10-15 includes talks on electromagnetism, gravitation, relativity, and Newton’s laws of motion. Free play time with vintage pinball and arcade machines applies the scientific concepts. Campers will design and build their own Pinbox pinball machine prototype! Taught by experienced physics teachers and engineering professionals.

EMP Camp runs weekly from July 12 through August 20
Morning sessions: 10-12 years old, Monday thru Friday 9am-12noon. $200/week*
Afternoon sessions: 13-15 years old, Monday thru Friday 1pm-4pm. $200/week*
*sibling discounts for brothers and sisters

Electromagnetic Pinball

Contact: Joe Paquin
Address: Creative Commerce Center, 881 Main Street, Pawtucket, RI 02806
Phone: 401-465-8119
Email: joepaquinemp@gmail.com
Website: facebook.com/ElectroMagneticPinball/