You're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough, and Doggone It, We Like You

Sarah spotted this awesome piece of news last night on Channel 10, a study published in Perspectives of Psychological Science that ranks Rhode Island as the #2 most neurotic state, following West Virginia. (As Sarah demanded to know, "Why are we only second? What is so neurotic about West Virginia?") At the end of the report, Dr. Lisa Uebelacker weighs in from Butler Hospital to give us hope: Being neurotic can be a fantastic thing, like if you ever need an adrenalin surge to rescue your child from being hit by a car. Yay!

No news about Rhode Island would be complete without a quick comparison to Massachusetts and Connecticut, so reporter Barbara Morse Silva assures us that these states ranked close behind. They ranked eleventh and fifteenth. Good lord. You know you’re in Rhode Island when being ranked fifteenth is considered pretty close to the top spot.

Postscript: I looked on the Perspectives on Psychological Science web site to check out the study for myself, and maybe it’s on there, but I got totally sidetracked by their front-page story about The Problem with Self-Help Books. It turns out that positive affirmations are only helpful to people with really high self-esteem. People with low self esteem, if you can believe it, feel like absolute garbage when they look into a mirror and announce "I accept myself completely." Stay tuned, my dears. This crackerjack team of researchers is thisclose to discovering that people with low self-esteem also feel bad when they get turned down for dates, fired from their jobs or punched in the face.