Prenatal Yoga Exercises to Try at Home, Courtesy of Yoga Mama

Moms-to-be: Quiet your mind and move your body with these calming exercises.

Photo by Rupert Whiteley.

Editor’s note: This story was originally published in May 2016.

The American Pregnancy Association recommends prenatal yoga for women with low-risk pregnancies. We caught up with Linda Sparrowe, a Rhode Island-based yoga instructor and author of Yoga Mama: The Practitioner’s Guide to Prenatal Yoga, for some of her favorite de-stressing poses for moms-to-be.

  • Alternate nostril breathing. “It helps reset the parasympathetic nervous system.”
  • Standing poses, including warrior poses. “They help when you’re so anxious you can’t get out of your own way. If yoga can bring us deeper into our intuition and quiet the doubting mind, we have a better opportunity to have a birthing experience that’s best for us and our baby.”
  • “Yoga for you can be ten minutes of child’s pose — done. It doesn’t have to be this big commitment.”
  • “Cat/cow is so good for the baby. It’s a nice way for her to get into position.”
  • “Hella squats, honey.”

Photo by Rupert Whiteley.



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