Wine box saga continued

So I’ve tried a few more types of boxed wine. (For spurious rationalization, see here. Or here.)
And here’s what I found:
The Washington Hills merlot is really pretty nice. Yes indeed. It is pricier than most, however – around $21 for the equivalent of four bottles, while the rest are more like $17. Of course that’s still a buck a glass, more or less, which is happy-making.
The Black Box chardonnay is unoffensively fine.
The Bota Box shiraz is just ok.
The JP Chenet chardonnay is not good.
And the Trove pinot grigio is undrinkable. I actually poured it down the sink. That’s a pretty drastic move for a girl like me.
As for places to buy it, my cousin and I (luckily for my liver, I haven’t been attempting this alone) returned to Gasbarro’s in Seekonk because I still can’t find anyplace in Providence that carries many of the new breed of decent 3-liter boxes.
In the places that do have it, one wine you’re likely to see is the ubiquitous Fish Eye. Their pinot grigio remains a viable if unexciting option, v light, a good summer party wine. And presumably it will one day be summer again.
Strange a greater variety isn’t yet available, because you’d think the environs of Brown and RISD would be the perfect place to peddle environmentally friendly cheap plonk.