Wine 101

Last year, Rhode Islanders drank seventy-five million glasses of wine. Not bad for a state that produces fewer than half a million bottles a year. Whether we’re toasting a special occasion or the setting of the sun, we turn to Bacchus’s favorite beverage. We’ve compiled all the information you need to know to go from wine novice to aficionado: where to buy, what to drink, how it’s made, plus answers to questions you’ve been afraid to ask (yes, screw tops are here to stay).

Know Your Grapes
The twenty-one essential varietals.

From Vine to Wine
The art and science of making wine.

Some Like It Sweet
The skinny on dessert wines.

The Short List
The state’s best restaurant wine lists.

Nick’s Picks
Start your own collection with this must-have list.

Experts tackle your wine questions.

Sources: Vineyards
Local vineyards share their favorite productions.

Sources: Wine Shops
Six stores with a deep inventory and smart staff.

Styling by Angel Tucker

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