Who Wouldn't Love Butter Soup?

I’ve been dying to go to Menton, Boston restaurateur extraordinaire Barbara Lynch’s newest venture. She’s the super talented James Beard Award-winning chef who owns No. 9 Park, B&G Oysters, the Butcher Shop, Drink — you get the picture. Menton is Lynch’s ode to fine dining (think No. 9 on steroids), located in the Fort Point neighborhood. The menu has only two options: a four-course prix-fixe or a seven-course tasting. In the go-big-or-go-home spirit, we opted for the latter, and some ten courses later (but who’s counting?) we had no regrets.

The meal was really quite incredible, but there was one course in particular that I can’t stop thinking about — the butter soup. Just the very idea practically makes your heart stop. In a good way. A petite bowl arrives with a gorgeous chunk of lobster topped with caviar and honey foam. The server then pours a perfect pool of butter around the lobster. It gives new meaning to decadence.

I did a Google search to learn more about the dish, and it turns out it’s one of Lynch’s personal favorites. Here’s what she had to say about it in Zester Daily:

"What’s the best dish on Menton’s menu?
Butter soup. You’ll want to take a bath in it. It’s 87 percent butterfat with butter from Diane St. Clair’s Animal Farm in Vermont. We make a butter sauce and poach local shellfish, razor clams and little flippers from the lobster tail. We add a dollop of caviar from Iran, and whip a honey emulsion into a foam. When I made it for the James Beard Awards, everybody said, "Oh, you must be crazy." It was total hit. [Award-winning N.Y. restaurateur] Danny Meyer’s wife, took three gallons of it home."

She’s right. I do want to take a bath in it. And I want to go back to Menton.