Who Really Runs This State

The 28 Most Influential Rhode Islanders in 2010

Power is the ability to apply your will on the world, or at least to your slice of it. It’s the skillful use of the carrot and stick, the charm offensive, force of personality, a clear voice reigning down from the bully pulpit. Power is having some influence over the lives of others, or total dominance over your own. It is sometimes earned through hard work, rarely had by dumb luck. It springs organically from those with credibility, or comes as a fringe benefit of the right job title. Power is often taken away, sometimes squandered, and even rejected by those who eventually find it too heavy to wield. But in all cases, power moves people.

In putting together our list of Rhode Island’s most powerful people, we drew on the know-ledge and opinions of dozens of participants and observers. The result is a snapshot of the state’s most influential people right now. We expect we’ll receive an irate email or two about the results; how could we include (or not include) Insert Name Here? So bring it! We’re happy to agree to disagree.


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