Where Are They Now: Carolyn Fox

The WHJY shock jock reinvented herself in Manhattan.
carolyn fox
Interview has been edited and condensed.

When we featured WHJY shock jock Carolyn Fox in 1989, pretty much anything was fair game on the radio, and she was known for staging pranks and teasing callers on the air. 

You snagged Billboard Radio Personality of the Year in 1988 and ’89. What were those days like? It was before I had kids and it was party, party, party, get up, do the show, burn the candle at both ends, make a lot of money. I haven’t changed that much. I’m always looking for ways to be impish, but also temper it, because if it’s not fun, why do it? I’m not one of those humans who ponders why we’re here.

You left radio fulltime in 2000 and now sell high-end real estate in Manhattan. Any similarities to your radio days? Real estate is very competitive and you’re a professional marketer. Radio taught me to market myself and I use those skills. The fun part is everything you do to get a client. I’m going to properties for the rich and famous, where I’d have no reason to be, otherwise. I’ve got to the point where if the veins in the marble don’t match, I’m out of there.

What do you miss about Rhode Island?
I don’t get back much but I miss talking to the people. Also fried clams, Rocky Point clam cakes, Del’s, Al Forno and the wiener wagon. We used to drive around Rhode Island looking for the best wiener.