WhatsGood Makes Farmers Market Shopping More Convenient

The WhatsGood app is now offering local farmers market food for home delivery and it's partnering with a few Rhode Island breweries as pickup points.

The Saturday farmers market at Mount Hope Farm is a pickup spot for WhatsGood.

With school starting up and swimming lessons and soccer practices and games to juggle, it’s not going to be as easy for me to get to the farmer markets with their specific hours. Luckily, I learned there’s a new app I can use called WhatsGood. Consumers can download the app, sign up, and then use the system to look up their favorite farmers markets, farms and food producers, select and pay for the products they want to order, and then choose designated pickup spots from a list of available options, including the farms themselves, farmers markets or local breweries at designated times. The app recently even launched home delivery in Rhode Island for a $10 fee.

What’s Good has partnered with a few Rhode Island breweries, including the Guild in Pawtucket, Newport Craft Brewing and Distilling in Newport and Proclamation Ale in Warwick to be WhatsGood pickup points. You can place your order any day of the week from your smartphone before the deadline and then swing by the breweries to pick up orders at the listed weekly time. Pickup time for Newport Craft Brewing and Distilling is Monday, Proclamation Ale is Sunday and the Guild is Thursday. Just place your orders before 8 p.m. on the day before.

The Guild

The Guild in Pawtucket is a Thursday pickup point for WhatsGood.

Consumers can also save time by selecting and paying for products before visiting farmers markets and their packages will be ready for pickup before they even get there. It’s more convenient if you are in a rush and it makes it easier to get what you want from your local farms and food producers, so you won’t go home disappointed if they sell out of your favorite items.

For example, I usually go to the farmers market on Saturdays but now my son has both soccer and swim on that day, so I might not be able to get there. But I can go into the app and select my favorite items from vendors like Windmist Farm, the Farm in RI and Deep Roots Farm, pay for my items by credit card, and then I can head over to Proclamation Ale for Sunday Funday with my husband and pick up my farmers market order for the week while also enjoying a beer at the brewery.

proclamation ale

Enjoy beers on Sunday at Proclamation Ale while picking up your WhatsGood farmers market order.

Or if I only have ten minutes to stop at the farmers market on Saturday, I can place my order in advance, have it prepared and paid for through the app, then just run over and pick up my goods in a flash.

There’s no extra cost for farms and food producers to participate; the user simply pre-orders and pays a small Food System Fee which is added to the order. The fee covers the entire cost of the transaction, including credit card fees. Because time is money, if you know what I mean. sourcewhatsgood.com



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