What’s Rhode Island’s Favorite Halloween Candy?

I am offended and I am outraged and I disagree.

Photo via andrechinn/Flickr.

According to a study from CandyStore.com, a bulk online candy retailer, Rhode Island has terrible taste in candy.

There, I said it.

Earlier this month, the retailer compiled a list of top candy choices by state using sales data from the last decade. Can you guess Rhode Island’s favorite?

It’s pointy. It’s sweet, yet waxy. It’s got the same color scheme as my grandmother’s 1970s-era shag carpet.

It’s candy corn.

Photo by Evan Amos.

This week, CandyStore.com scoured the web to determine the worst Halloween candy, too. Circus peanuts topped that list but, technically speaking, that’s a gross circus candy, not a gross Halloween candy. What’s second place, you ask?

Candy corn.

We eat a lot of it in the Ocean State: 17,862 pounds of candy corn from the online retailer.

To be fair, we eat a lot of M and Ms and Twix, too (13,894 and 9,003, respectively).

Me, I’m trick-or-treating in a different neighborhood — maybe Kansas. The Wheat State doled out 231,476 pounds of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups over the course of the study. No candy corn in sight.


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