What's Playing at the Newport Film Festival

The 2009 Newport Film Festival takes place June 3 through 9. I always make it a point to go to at least one film each year. Why? The lineup is always incredible, the movies are screened mainly in the quaint theaters at the Jane Pickens and the Opera House, both cinematic treasures in our state, and it’s one of the most ideal times of the year weather-wise to visit Newport. Just last week the festival announced its line-up and I already have a few picked out that I’m going to try to see.

Tabarly. This is a documentary about Eric Tabarly, one of the greats in the yachting world to this day. The film includes footage of Newport when Tabarly sailed in after winning the OSTAR, one of sailing’s greatest races.

Paris. A narrative film that follows several characters through the City of Lights. And, in my opinion, any film that takes place in this gorgeous city is worth watching.

The Way We Get By. A really sweet-looking documentary about three senior citizens who have paid tribute to men in uniform by greeting more than one million soldiers at a tiny Maine airport.

For more information on the festival line-up or how to get tickets, call 846-9100 or visit newportfilmfestival.com.