What's On Your Bucket List?

Publisher John Palumbo looks at this month's cover feature.

Ever since the duo of Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman shared the silver screen in the comedy adventure of the same name, the term “the bucket list” has become ubiquitous. For those who need a refresher: The two gents meet in a cancer ward and come to the grim conclusion that their conditions are terminal. Rather than wallow in self-pity, they plan their escape and begin an “only in the movies” madcap race against time to complete their list of always-wanted-to-do things before they — as the term implies — “kick the bucket.”

Despite that rather somber premise, in this issue we present to you the Rhode Island Foodie Bucket List before you cease being an Ocean State resident (meaning move, or retire to Florida), where you are required to pine away on social media about all the food types you miss and gloat about the things you don’t (meaning rock salt, snow shovels and potholes that make your teeth rattle).

Associate editor and Rhode Islander wannabe Jamie Coelho has combed the state for the traditional faves so many enjoy, from old mainstays like a root beer float at the A and W to grilled pizza at Al Forno.

She ventures into Rhode Island folklore with Table Five at Joe Marzilli’s Old Canteen, where the late Mayor Buddy Cianci often dined, and samples many of the dishes featured at diners across the state (given this is supposedly the birthplace of the “meals on wheels” movement).

She also highlights the frutti di mare (fruit of the sea in Italian), like oysters, lobster, chowder and the blue collar favorite of mine, fish ‘n’ chips. Everything is finished off with your choice of creme brulee, fruit tarts or plain ole great cookies.

We all have bucket lists of some sort, whether travel, experiential or personal accomplishments. Seems like every time someone returns from a trip, a meal or adventure that sounds wonderful, something else is added to the list. We all just have to remember to start checking things off as well.

Enjoy the Rhode. –J.J.P.