What’s Up Doc: Doctor Sandy Chai, Dermatology

We talked to several of Rhode Island's 237 Top Doctors on why they chose medicine as a career and how, to them, it's more than a job.

We talked to several of Rhode Island’s 237 Top Doctors on why they chose medicine as a career and how, to them, it’s more than a job. Meet Doctor Sandy Chai, Dermatology.

Photo by Alex Gagne.

Doctor: Dr. Sandy Chai

Specialty: Dermatology

Hospital Affiliations: None


Why did you choose medicine as a career?

Due to a personal experience from an early age, I knew that I wanted to give back and be involved in medicine.


So, why did you choose your particular specialty?

I discovered dermatology in a round-a-bout fashion. I was part of the eight-year medical program at Brown which encouraged us to become very well-rounded physicians. So, in my senior year of college, I shadowed ten different doctors. The very final person I shadowed was a doctor in Boston. I just really enjoyed each patient interaction that I had with her and fell in love with dermatology from shadowing her.


What has practicing medicine taught you about yourself? Your patients?

Every day is such a pleasure. Over the years I’ve gotten to really know my patients and know their families. I feel that it has helped me so much as a doctor in terms of helping to ensure that my patients adopt good health practices. It helps me understand when they don’t too because I learn to problem solve better.


What are your other interests? What do you do for fun?

On the weekends I really enjoy exploring museums and parks. I have two young kids. I’ve lived in Rhode Island half of my life and we’re constantly finding fun things to do outdoors.



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