What is the Green Stuff On My Home?

There's an unwelcome visitor at your property. SpringBrook Power Washing talks about mold and algae on your home exterior and how to handle it.

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While you’ve been hanging at home this summer season, you may have noticed some icky green stuff outside on your home’s siding, deck, or patio. That green stuff is more than an eyesore. It is airborne algae that can cause long-term damage to the surface, along with being a cause for concern health-wise. While it is not unusual to see exterior surfaces with an accumulation of green stuff, it is essential to address the issue in a timely fashion.


I have green stuff on my siding. What next? 

Ok, so you have some green stuff on your siding, or maybe elsewhere. While it’s not a good thing, there’s no need to panic. Follow the steps below to say goodbye to this problem for good.

1. Evaluate your problem areas and the severity of the algae staining.
2. Look into professional power washing services and their cleaning processes. Choose a full-service company that offers low-pressure ​and​ high-pressure cleaning to ensure they can properly, and thoroughly, clean any affected surface.
3. To ensure no damage is done (by you or someone else), be sure to clean the problem areas using a wash method safe for the surface in question.

Having the areas cleaned professionally, using an application of specialized detergents to eliminate the algae growth on your siding, or other areas, followed by cleaning using surface-specific pressure, is the most effective and safe route to take.

Can I just leave the algae alone?

Aside from the health issues, (and the fact that it’s just darn ugly!), long term algae buildup can cause premature oxidation of your siding. Furthermore, it can cause embedded staining that remains even after washing. Embedded stains can be impossible to remove without causing damage to your siding, decking, or other areas. Staying on top of the problem with regular cleaning every 1-3 years is the best practice.

Where did the algae come from? 

It isn’t easy to pinpoint the exact origin of airborne algae, as it varies depending on the environmental conditions immediately surrounding your home. Answering these questions may help identify the issue. Do you live near wetlands or the ocean? Do you have a buildup of grass clippings or dead leaves around your home? Are you near agricultural land? Do you have excess tree cover? Living in New England, many of you will answer yes to more than one of these questions.

Why is the green stuff mainly on a couple of sides? 

In New England states such as Rhode Island, MA, or CT, you can find green algae on the north-facing sides of your home because these areas receive less sunlight than the other sides. Our daily swings in temperature cause condensation (morning dew) and algae and mold just love darker conditions with excess moisture. If neglected, dust and pollen buildup on your siding hold excess water like a sponge that algae can feed on, giving it another leg up.


How do I keep algae off my home exterior for good? 

While there is no way to change where you live or which way your house faces, the best way to protect your home and never see algae again, is to get it washed regularly. The simple act of having your siding and outdoor areas washed every 1-2 years will keep your largest investment looking sharp while protecting it from mold, mildew, and algae. Power washing has been around since 1926. Simply put, – it works, and is safe and effective when done in the hands of a professional using today’s cutting edge equipment and cleansers.

Algae removal and preventative maintenance are synonymous with SpringBrook Power Washing. Our highly trained technicians clean all exterior surfaces of your home correctly, using surface-specific pressure, state of the art equipment, and effective detergents. Having serviced more than 19,000 clients in over 16 years, and garnering over 480 five star reviews online, you can trust SpringBrook Power Washing to provide safe, effective, perfectly clean results you’ll love, and you neighbors will envy.

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