Did You Know That Optimizing Dental Health May Result in What We Refer To as the Multiplier Effect?

Well Rooted at The Biomed Center offers personalized transformational care all under one roof.

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Biological Dentistry sees oral health as a mirror reflecting the entire body’s health. Regular dental visits aren’t simply about your teeth, but looking at how your entire body communicates in your favor! When we talk about the multiplier effect, we’re talking about how addressing concerns such as failing implants, root canals, unaddressed cavitations or even balancing the gut-mouth microbiome benefits all facets of health. You may be familiar with the gut microbiome and how healthy gut bacteria help support a thriving immune system, but have you heard about the gut-mouth connection? As many are aware, our mouths are breeding grounds for both good and bad bacteria. These bacteria can enter the bloodstream, lymph and other tissues, directly influencing our mental-emotional health. A clean diet of whole foods, purified water and oral care products designed to optimize the mouth-gut connection have been shown to improve whole-you wellness!


Biological Dental Hygiene

✓ Your gut-mouth microbiome influences digestion, the immune system, metabolism, and hormones. Good oral hygiene matters!

✓ Eat a diet rich in whole foods, eliminate refined sugar and processed foods.

✓ Clean your tongue

✓ Floss more regularly

✓ Replace mercury fillings with safe, biocompatible materials

✓ Choose dental products free of additives, fillers and harmful chemicals known to disrupt the oral microbiome



Well Rooted at The Biomed Center offers personalized transformational care all under one roof. There are many ways to begin your journey: Biological Medical Assessments, Biological Dentistry, IV-Therapy and Bioenergetic Restorative Therapies. Ready to feel more energetic, less pain and clear-minded? Call us today: 1-833-824-6633. Find us at thebiomedcenterne.com.