Welcome Spring With Baby Goats in Little Compton

Kidding season is winding down at Silk Tree Farm.

Kidding season is winding down at Silk Tree Farm in Little Compton. Starting in February and into mid-March, Cathy Bardsley and Tom Sherman brought fifteen newborns — two purebred Spanish goats, eleven Nigerian dwarf goats and five crosses — into the world. They raise heritage breed livestock; twenty-four does were bred for this year’s kidding. Bardsley, who tracks her flock’s gestation with an app, anticipates births into June. (Gestation typically lasts 150 days, but her phone goes off at 145.) Sometimes bottle-feeding the newborns late at night when their mom doesn’t accept them, Bardsley’s goal is to have the kids weaned by May, so the moms can go out to pasture. Here, Nigerian Whoopie Pie, at just a few weeks old, relaxes against her mother, Puppet. (Whoopie Pie has since become a farmers market celeb.) And her brother, whose new owners later named Backpack, rests on his mom’s back.