Weekly Weigh-In: Vegan Chain By CHLOE Opens on Thayer Street

Plus, CVS to stop altering beauty images, vegan recipes to keep your resolution going strong, cat yoga and more in health and wellness.

Photo by Jamie Coelho.

By CHLOE, a chain that makes wholesome, tasty vegan food, opened the doors to its new location on Thayer Street yesterday. The menu will feature everything from burgers, fries and smoothies (Yes, all vegan. Yes, our minds our blown) to location-specific foods using local products, all meat, dairy and egg free. [Rhode Island Monthly]

In another win for a future where brands promote healthy, realistic body images, Rhode Island-based drugstore chain CVS will stop altering beauty images in ads and stores completely by 2020. In the meantime, they will alert customers to any retouching that was done to images on products and in ads. [Washington Post]

Still chugging along at your New Year’s resolution to eat healthy while most of us have forgotten what “resolution” even means? Good for you. Keep it going with these thirty-three healthy, vegan recipes. [Healthyish]

Flu season is here folks, and Rhode Island has got it bad. The fluctuating weather (parkas one day, bermuda shorts another) coupled with a weaker-than-normal flu vaccine is creating a whole lotta sick. [Providence Journal]

Does the idea of doing downward dog while hearing a yogi say things like “listen to your inner heart” and “feel the energy around you” make you cringe? Well, this is how Leandra Medine of Manrepeller thought of yoga. Until she tried it. Read her experience here and (maybe) get inspired to tune into your body. [Manrepeller]

On the Run: Local health and wellness goings-on

Jan. 20: The national average for first responders to arrive at the scene of an accident or emergency is six to nine minutes, and when someone is injured, every second counts.  You are the help until help arrives  is a public course that teaches you what to do if you see someone having a medical emergency. Be prepared, and save a life.

Jan. 21-27: The launch of Newport Wellness Week brings the latest and greatest in health and wellness together for a week of inspiration. Learn what’s new in the health and wellness sector and participate in various seminars and events including fitness classes, hydrotherapy, mindful yoga and more.

Jan. 23: What’s better than combining cute cats with your downward dog? Cat Yoga at the Potter League provides furry companions to make your yoga session all the more relaxing. Plus, they’re all adoptable, so once your downward dog is done, pick up a cat to take home with you!

Jan. 24: You’ve brought your newborn home, now what? This Breastfeeding essentials class teaches couples (bring your S.O.) how to safely and effectively breastfeed your newborn.

Jan. 27: If you’re interested in trying yoga but are a little intimidated, check out this intro to yoga workshop.

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