The Weekly Weigh-In: Healthy alternatives to fruitcake? Yes please!

Plus, a raw milk recall in RI, U.S. runners are slowing down, a dance and drum class and more in health and wellness.


Bored of that same old fruitcake you give out for the holidays? Reader’s Digest rounded up some healthy edible gift alternatives if you’re looking to veer off the traditional route of giving hard-as-rock fruitcake that won’t be eaten. [Reader’s Digest]

As life around us moves exponentially faster, marathon runners in the U.S. are getting slower. Founder of CEO of Jens Jakob Anderson analyzes the data and hypothesizes why Americans could be slowing down in competitive running marathons. [Aeon]

Practicing psychiatrist Drew Ramsey shares what you need to know about the prevalence of mental illness, the stigma associated with mental health and some alarming statistics that will shock you, whether you’re an ally or coping with emotional issues yourself. [Well+Good]

Got (raw) milk? Uh-oh. The Rhode Department of Health is advising anybody who drank or consumed Udder Milk in the past six months to visit their doctor to prevent a possible illness. Their illegal sales of raw milk products across several states, including Rhode Island, has made at least one woman in New Jersey sick with Brucellosis.[Turn to 10]

The season of sharing and giving is upon us. Sharing germs, that is. The pesky common cold is difficult to avoid getting at some point, but luckily this article dug through the research for you to decipher myth from fact on what will help you get over a cold faster. [Greatist]

On the Run: Health and wellness goings-on

Dec. 2: The new year brings new goals and a way to start off fresh. A vision board is a visual representation of your objectives and dreams for the next year, or even further down the line. If you’re not sure where to start, a Vision Board Workshop will be held this Saturday that provides materials, explanation and a guided meditation.

Dec. 5: Take a pre-holiday pause and get grounded before the holiday chaos hits. At Breathing Time Yoga, Restful Restorative with Katie Lieberman will leave you feeling balanced emotionally and your body will thank you later.

Dec: 7: The practice of self-compassion is important to understand oneself and to live a more meaningful life. In this Embodied Self-Compassion Experiential Workshop,  a former monk and now psychotherapist will deepen your sense of your own body through Tibetan Buddhist practices of love and compassion.

Dec. 8: Any excuse to dance is a good one. Join the duo “Rhythm and Flow” for a night of high energy, freestyle drumming, dancing and flow arts. The December Drum Dance and Flow will be holiday-themed, so bring your favorite kooky sweater and finger food for a potluck style snack break.

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