The Weekly Weigh-In: Dry January

Plus, RI gets new grant for new asthma center, a new way to reverse Alzheimers, SAD is real and more in health and wellness.

Everyone and their mother is jumping on the “dry January” trend (we can’t help but wonder: Will there come a day when drinking is totally not cool?), and you can too with the sage advice from these experts: Think, how to maneuver at a party where booze is being handed out like water or when your colleague invites you to a bar for a post-work vent sesh. [Washington Post]

Drugs used to treat or manage Alzheimers haven’t been as effective as they should be. This medical resident argues that lifestyle changes are the key to reversing the devastating disease, not some magical pill. [Aeon]

Breathing easy in Rhode Island just got easier with an $8 million dollar grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. The grant will help fund a new center with a focus on asthma care and will pilot research to help determine best practices for improving outcomes for high-risk children with asthma. [Brown University]

It’s not just an excuse for hibernating during these cold days of darkness: Seasonal Affective Disorder is real, and is considered a subset of clinical depression. Besides taking a vacation to the Southern hemisphere where it’s summertime, what can you do? Turns out, it’s as simple as turning on some light. Read more here. [Manrepeller]

Italian food is to Rhode Island what lobster is to Maine: It defines our meals, and you could even say gravy runs thick through our veins. That said, Italian food, laden with cheese, sauce, polenta, pasta and meat, isn’t necessarily the healthiest of cuisines…until now. Brooklyn chef Missy Robins is on a mission to make heavy Italian classics healthy at her restaurant and in her home. [Well + Good]

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