The Weekly Weigh-In: Is Healthy Fast Food a Myth or a Reality?

Plus, why sad music is so good, dessert hummus is now a thing, local turkey trots and more in health and wellness.


Healthy, fast, casual dining is revolutionizing the food industry but where did this trend emerge from, and is it here to stay? Industry insiders sound off on our changing cultural connection to food and make predictions on how much bigger this movement is going to get. [Well+Good]

Have you ever wondered why you can listen to sad songs over and over again, even when nothing is wrong? It turns out that people who are highly empathetic take more pleasure in the emotional experience that is sad music. Click here if you want to find out more about how an individual’s personality reflects their musical choices. [Aeon]

State health officials are encouraging those with special health care needs in Rhode Island to enroll in an emergency registry in light of the recent storm and in advance of winter weather events yet to come. [U.S. News]

You might want to sit down (and grab a spoon) for this one: dessert hummus officially exists. ABC’s Shark Tank invested more than half a million dollars in the business idea featured on a recent episode, which leads us to question: Why we couldn’t have thought of it first? [POPSUGAR Fitness]

World champion figure skater and two-time Olympic medalist Michelle Kwan reminisces on what her morning routine used to look like when she was young, and what it looks like now. In the candid interview, she touches upon what types of exercises she prefers (she still skates!) and what a typical breakfast looks like for her. She also talks about the instrumental role her mom played in shaping one of the most notable figure skaters in U.S. history. [Man Repeller]

On the Run: Health and wellness goings-on

Nov. 21: If you consider yourself a highly-sensitive and empathetic person, you just might be classified as an empath. The Empath Support Group helps you learn what it means to be an empath and how to embrace it as a gift.

Nov. 24: As part of REI’s #OptOutside program, Walk Your Turkey Off encourages families to get outdoors on Black Friday at the Neutaconkanut Hill Conservancy for a relaxing fitness walk with scenic views to savor the season.  

Nov. 24: Feeling guilty about that extra slice of apple pie and double (okay, maybe triple) servings of mashed potatoes? The Black Friday Group Ride will help you burn off some of those calories in a fun, social group bicycle ride around Providence. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Nov. 23: Reflect on what you have to be grateful for while practicing yoga for a good cause.  There will be two yoga classes at two different studios on Thanksgiving morning. The first will take place at Providence Power Yoga benefitting the Sourjourner House, while the Studio Exhale class is donating all contributions to hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. Pick your cause, give thanks and namaste.

Nov. 25: Tiverton Land Trust is inviting you to join the #OptOutside program for a Post-Thanksgiving Family Hike at the Pardon Gray Preserve. The trails are navigable for children and older people alike, but make sure to bring comfortable shoes weather-appropriate clothing for this nature hike.

Nov. 25: Immerse yourself into complete relaxation, mind body and soul, in a guided meditation with Bhakti Prem. The Radical Relaxation will leave you feeling centered, refreshed and at peace.

Reporting assistance by Grace Kelly. 

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