The Weekly Weigh-In: A Tax on Violent Video Games

Plus, wine might help prevent tooth decay, anxiety and self-discovery, the deadly side of cleaning products, and more in health and wellness.


State rep Robert Nardolillo is introducing legislation that would tax violent video games and use the money to pay for mental health counseling in schools. [Providence Journal]

Lovers of vino, rejoice: Scientists are now saying that polyphenols found in wine extract could help fight tooth decay. [BBC]

This article on the author’s anxiety explores the condition in a beautifully visceral way. He argues that though he is anxious, by examining his anxieties he has come to know himself better. [Aeon]

Put down the ammonia spray: A study found that the toxic chemicals found in many cleaning products can be as harmful as smoking. But there’s a twist: only the women in the study were affected, not the men. So next time the counter needs a good scrub, hand the cleaning spray to your hubby or boyfriend and tell him science says he should clean it. [Well + Good]

Ever wonder what your favorite Olympians eat for breakfast? Maybe not, but if you’re curious, turns out they down more oatmeal than you’d think is humanly possible. [Healthyish]

A local emergency physician started a Twitter movement, #docs4gunsense, in which hundreds of MDs shared stories about gun-related injuries and death in the emergency department. [Rhode Island Monthly]

On the Run: Health and Wellness Goings-On


March 2: The Women’s Wilderness Weekend of RI brings gals of all sorts together for a weekend of crafts, hikes, books and more.

March 4: Vurritos (a.k.a vegan burritos) are making an appearance at Like No Udder vegan ice cream shop, combining two of our favorite things in life in one event.

March 4: Want to learn about the latest and greatest in wellness? Head to the Discover You Wellness Expo for a day of awesome freebies (a free henna tattoo and massage? We’re there) and presentations on all things wellness.

March 14: Into yoga but your S.O. would rather nurse a pint than do downward dog? Well, Foolproof brewery has the perfect compromise with its Beer and Yoga event.


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