Watch the Horse-Eyed Men's Amazing New Music Video About Two Cowboys in Love

Come on Nashville. Come on America. Come on Cowboy.

Cowboys? In love? Haven't I seen this somewhere before?

Nope. You haven't. Not like this.

Go on: Watch the Horse-Eyed Men's brand new music video, "Come On, Cowboy." You deserve a few minutes of unadulterated joy. Tell your boss I said so.

Filmed at the Ocean Mist in Matunuck by Horatio Baltz, the video stars musician Brian Barthelmes (the ex-Pats offensive lineman, in case you were wondering) and artist Stuart Wilson. Horse-Eyed Men bandmates and brothers Noah and Dylan Harley are a footnote in the video (read a Q and A with them here), but here's what Dylan had to say about the song:

"I wrote Cowboy on my birthday, July 5 in the summer of '13. It might have been that fresh mountain air, the burly road crews of Vermont or the pop country radio pumping the airwaves full of heteronormative schlock, but somewhere between Rutland and Brattleboro, the atmosphere thickened into a song. Most of the words were written in my shorts by the pool, picturing my Caballero: one part mystery, two parts musk, a deep voice and thick eyebrows. Who doesn't want to be swept off their feet by a supreme gentleman crooner? What's more macho than two men in love? What percentage of Brad Paisley's fan base isn't 'just a guy'? Come on Nashville. Come on America. Come on Cowboy."