Watch the "Bridging the Divide" in Rhode Island Panel

How are efforts to teach people new skills in Rhode Island going? Tune in to a panel discussion tonight on Rhode Island PBS.

There’s been a lot of discussion about getting people jobs in Rhode Island. Aside from the monthly reports on the unemployment rate and the jobs numbers, how is it actually going for folks looking to develop new skills to get jobs?

You can find out more about that tonight by tuning into a panel discussion called “Bridging the Divide: Fixing the Skills Gap in Rhode Island” on Rhode Island PBS  at 8 p.m. You’ll find out how many people have gotten jobs as part of Governor Gina Raimondo’s Real Jobs RI initiative from Scott Jensen, director of the state Department of Labor and Training.

Dr. Meghan Hughes, the president of CCRI, tells us about what she’s working on to help keep students, 70 percent of whom are part-time and most of whom also work, in school. Progreso Latino’s executive director, Mario Bueno, lets us know how adult education is changing to better match what skills employers are looking for. And Joe Devine talks about what’s going on in schools and universities to develop a more tech-savvy workforce.

The panel was made possible with the generous support of the Rhode Island Foundation and Rhode Island PBS. If you’re interested in the future of the state, please tune in.