House Lust: A Little Victorian Near the Water in Warren

This single-family abode is the epitome of Warren: It's historic, quirky and totally liveable.

Could you live in a pink house?

My best friend from childhood lived across the street from a pink house. The owners drove the point home with flamingos in the front garden beds. They had flair; that’s a fact.

This little Victorian has a whole different brand of flair — one that’s more artistic in style. It’s pink — okay, okay: salmon — and proud. Situated on a corner lot of a quiet street with other historic homes, the Warren cottage has a big porch and a deck off the side yard. On one end of the street is the St. Mary of the Bay Cemetery (spooooky); on the other is the Burrs Hill Park and, just across the way, the Warren Town Beach. Warren’s great shops and restaurants are less than ten minutes away on foot.

The home was built in 1890 and still retains some turn-of-the-century character — think: mansard roof, stained glass windows, retro doors, intimate rooms and an eat-in kitchen with pantry. Here’s a closer look at this week’s House Lust:


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