Waffle Business to Open in Downtown Providence Next Year

With a goal of raising $10,000 through Kickstarter, entrepreneurs Matt and Tara Celeste have big dreams for their waffle machines.

Waffle image from the Waffle Facebook page.

If you’re looking to munch on a waff-ly good treat, we’ve got another one for you. A new Kickstarter campaign aims to bring Waffle to Providence with your help at the start of the New Year. With a goal of raising $10,000, entrepreneurs Matt and Tara Celeste have big dreams for their waffle machines. They are bringing Little Rhody a big treat: Liege waffles on Weybosset Street.

Matt, an engineer turned photographer, and his wife, Tara, an elementary school-teacher-turned-mom, tossed around the idea of opening a restaurant biz for years, all the while Matt pursued his interest in the baking of sourdough bread. Rather than waste the excess dough starter, Matt perfected a waffle recipe, bought a waffle maker and from there, their idea was born.

Waffles will be made in-house from scratch using their own recipe, and will contain local and organic ingredients whenever possible to help support local businesses and the local economy. The plan is to create seasonal menus which will incorporate the offerings of local fruit, eggs and dairy products as well. Do you have a gluten allergy and don’t want to miss out on Waffle? Don’t fret! Gluten free Liege waffles will be available too (full disclosure: one of their sons is gluten-intolerant so they know what it takes).

Waffle will open in the downtown Providence historic district in the old Halls Building (where Say Cheese used to be), which was built in 1876. A piece of Rhode Island history is about to have a new story and you can be a part of it! Funds from the Kickstarter will help to restore and renovate the space, purchase big ticket items such as waffle irons (they’re $3,300 a piece!) as well as the small stuff and the needed coffee equipment.

Although the Celestes have a goal to raise $10,000, it is only a small portion of what they need to get going. For the most part, they are a self-funding restaurant so that means any amount raised over their goal is super helpful. How can you help? Make a donation on their kickstarter page where you will receive exclusive products, or help to spread the word about this new business coming to our neighborhood. Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages @waffleprovidence, or visit their website, waffleprovidence.com for additional information. To donate to their kickstarter program, click here.



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