House Lust: The Prettiest Victorians on the Market in RI

From the suburban to the seaside, we found nine take-your-breath-away Victorians to call home.

Credit: Salzberg Real Estate

It’s definitely the turrets. The gables, too, and the overhanging eaves. And the big front porches.

Victorian-era homes — built during the reign of Queen Victoria, 1837 to 1901 — are just so romantic. The later styles, Stick-Eastlake (big porches and fine exterior trim) and Queen Anne (extravagant beyond sense, often with turrets and patterned woodwork), are a personal favorite.

Many of these decadent homes, built for Industrial Revolution barons, still stand today; it’d take a true sadist to allow one to fall into disrepair. And, thankfully for us, they pop up in all price ranges, from the seaside estate in Newport to the pint-sized suburban delight in West Warwick.

Here are nine of our favorites on the market today:

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