Unconventional Food and Drink Tours

Local tours bring new meaning to eating on the go. By boat, train or even urban pedicab, leave the street map at home as you sample some of the best local food and drink.

These local tours bring new meaning to eating on the go. By boat, train or even urban pedicab, leave the street map at home as you sample some of the best local food and drink.

Cocktails and Crooks

Prohibition was repealed more than eighty years ago, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still cruise the harbor on a smuggling ship sipping home-distilled rum. Rum Runner II is a 1929 motor yacht that was built for sneaking “hooch” past the Coast Guard. Once the darling of two New Jersey mobsters, the boat now relives her glory days cruising past the mansions and former speakeasies of Newport Harbor. The high-speed vessel made the high life possible by lying low, and now she’s treating Rhode Island residents and guests to local liquor with Cocktail Cruises every summer evening. Enjoy complimentary Black Duck rum – itself named for an infamous New England rum smuggler – and other beverages as the sun sets over waters once ruled by the law and those bold enough to break it. Learn the history behind the bandits and taste the fruits of their labors that kept the rum business alive through Prohibition.

Details: Through Sept. 8. $30. Visit website for times and reservations, 847-0298, cruisenewport.com.

Ice Cream Express

All aboard! Families can experience the sights and sounds of Narragansett Bay from the comfort of a luxury train car on the Newport Ice Cream Train. An offshoot of the Newport Dinner Train, the Ice Cream Train offers family-friendly tours of the island paired with soft-serve ice cream sundaes made with all your favorite toppings. Hop onboard at the downtown Newport train station and follow the tracks all the way up to Portsmouth. On the way, pass through the Newport Naval Station and catch a glimpse of the USS Saratoga, a decommissioned aircraft carrier that now makes its home in the Bay. Bring the kids for a ninety-minute morning tour on Thursdays or Saturdays. Better yet, bring the whole family on Friday nights for an extended two-hour train ride that includes pizza and entertainment by the Candyman Conductor. Kids will dance in the aisles as he strums out family favorites on his guitar and whistles along with the train. Be sure to check out this attraction soon as the Ice Cream Train will only serve up sweet treats through August 23.

Details: Thurs. and Sat. 11:30 a.m. Adults $19.95, seniors $17.95, children $14.95. Fri. 6:30 p.m. Adults $26.95, seniors $24.95, children $19.95. Call for reservations, 841-8700, newportdinnertrain.com.

Eco-Friendly Fare

For those of us who love the idea of walking tours that explore the city’s food scene but can’t quite work ourselves up to it, there’s another option. Eco Pedicab offers a Taste of Providence Tour featuring some of the city’s best dining venues. Sit back in the pedicab and let someone else do all the pedaling while you watch the city breeze by. Grab two friends – the pedicab seats three – and set out under the open sky to soak up classic Providence favorites, including the oyster bar at Hemenway’s, specialty drinks at Bar Louie, Bravo Brasserie’s French-inspired atmosphere and al fresco dining in the Aspire courtyard. Don’t be afraid to bring your four-footed friend – Eco Pedicab is pet-friendly, not to mention eco-friendly, with zero emissions behind every man-powered mile. Check out this one-of-a-kind tour and find out how the city looks – and tastes – from a pedicab.

Details: $60. Call for reservations, 400-2380, ecopedicab.com.