Try Bug-Filled Treats at the Pestaurant at PawSox FanFest

Ehrlich Pest Control’s "Pestaurant" will serve cheddar crick-ettes, BBQ worms and ant and worm lollipops.

Photos by Peter Stepanek and Ehrlich Pest Control

My three-year-old son is obsessed with worms. He’ll spend hours in the backyard hunting under rocks and digging in dirt to watch them wriggle and squirm. But would he eat them? I am not so sure. Usually I tell him not to. But I might change my mind on Sunday.

On Sunday, July 23, kids and adults alike will get the chance to try bug-filled treats like bacon and cheddar crick-ettes, BBQ worms and ant and worm lollipops at the PawSox FanFest, as part of Ehrlich Pest Control’s “Pestaurant.”

Take the whole family to the ballpark to watch the game and then you’ll also have access to treats including salt and vinegar, sour cream and onion, and bacon and cheddar Crick-Ettes, cheddar cheese worms, BBQ worms, Mexican spice worms, ant lollipops in flavors like apple, banana, blueberry and watermelon, and worm lollipops in flavors like apple, blueberry, orange and watermelon.

The “Pestaurant” is designed to raise awareness of pests and draw attention to the fact that while they can be very destructive and a nuisance, they can also be a low-impact, sustainable and nutritious protein alternative.

Following the game against Norfolk, attendees will be invited to enjoy rides, music and the Pestaurant, and they will also have a chance to get autographs from the PawSox players.

General admission tickets for the PawSox game are $9 ($11 day of game) for adults and $6 for children and seniors.