A Tour of Two Trendy Lofts in Olneyville

These design enthusiasts bring their own aesthetic touches to similar living spaces.

Natural light illuminates the living room area of this Providence loft decorated in muted blues and pinks. Photography by Howard Chu

Starting Point

For anyone with a penchant for interior design, a loft-style apartment, with its clean lines and show-stopping architectural details, can be the perfect canvas. That was precisely what Courtney Webster saw the first time she laid eyes on her Rising Sun Mills loft.

“We loved the tall ceilings and the big windows the most,” Webster says. 

It also didn’t hurt that the apartment had space off the front hallway for her artist husband, Brandon Aguiar, to work and keep his supplies. 

“Prior to living here, he was painting in our living room,” Webster says. 

Having a space that was anything less than well-designed was not an option for Webster who, in addition to working at the interior design firm Twelve Chairs in Boston, runs her own lifestyle blog, Jeune Amour. 


The mix of thrifted and new furniture and decor gives Webster’s loft its distinct boho vibe. Photography by Howard Chu.

So as soon as the couple moved in, Webster began incorporating her signature eclectic style, which she describes as “Mid-Century Modern meets bohemian with some rustic elements thrown in for good measure.”

The resulting design features a neutral color palette sprinkled with muted pinks and blues and plenty of texture in the form of rattan, leather, macrame and faux furs.


Photography by Howard Chu.

Fab Finds

Open living space can have its design challenges, but Webster knew exactly how to handle the combined kitchen and living room area, using furniture to break it up. A wood and metal dining room table made by Webster’s father acts as a divider, while a Persian-style rug marks off the living room. In the bedroom, a pallet bed also made by Webster’s father gives the well-edited room a bohemian feel. 

It helps to have a designer’s eye when scouting. Many of the couple’s pieces are finds from Craigslist and Etsy or from local vintage stores, including the coffee table and the end tables in the living room. 


Cat Oliver lounges next to his teepee, an Etsy find Webster and Aguiar had on their wedding registry. Below, a vintage peacock chair was given to Webster after she put a call out on Facebook. Photography by Howard Chu.

Webster often knows what she’s looking for before she finds it, like the vintage rattan peacock chair that holds court in the bedroom. After putting out an inquiry for such a piece on Facebook, a connection offered it up free of charge. 

With such a knack for finding unique pieces and an undying love of design, Webster says the biggest challenge is knowing when to hold back. 

“We are way more conscious of what we bring into the loft than we were before because here you can see everything.”

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