Tips of the Trade


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  • In order to participate in the upcoming “Tips of the Trade” article for our October issue, we ask that you please provide one or two useful tips for homeowners related to your trade by August 10. This can include anything from installation techniques to thoughts on design — the more unique, the better!

    Examples: What homeowners should keep in mind while designing their countertops; why plants are a great yet simple way to freshen up your décor; how painting an accent wall can completely transform your living room; which trade trends are making a comeback this year and why; how to make the most of natural light; how to mix materials effectively; etc. See section from October 2021.

    All full and ½ page advertisers get: Up to three tips, 100 words each tip max. All smaller ads get: One tip of 100 words max.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to Special Editions Editor Kerri Tallman at

    Please note: Your submission may be edited for clarity and/or length.