High/Low House Lust: Tiny Beach Houses in RI

Both pint-sized, these South County homes span the low and high spectrum of the tiny beach house market.

I was scrolling through Zillow this weekend and found myself repeating my two-year-old daughter’s catchphrase: “Look at this little cutie!”

My daughter rushed over, thinking I was mewing over a photo of her, and said: “I wanna see the little cutie.”

So I showed her. And she promptly walked away. Willa does not have the same affection for real estate as her mother. But someday — someday! — she’ll gaze upon a sweet, less-than-500-square-feet home by the beach with weathered shingles and a porch as big as the floor plan and think: pinch-your-cheeks cutie.

These two properties, both near the water in South Kingstown, fall on the low and high spectrum of the tiny beach house market in mainland Rhode Island. They’re both sweet in very different ways: one is the aforementioned shingle-style cottage and the other looks like a mini blue Victorian on an equally tiny private peninsula.

Which tiny beach house is for you?