These Clever Products Have Rhode Island Connections

Furrfighters, Pivot Power, G-Form, LEIGH ShoeCase and Blue Light Blocking Glasses are useful, too.

The idea for Warren-based Furrfighters pet gloves was born in a firehouse and inspired by a fireman’s dog that was shedding all over his uniform and in his car. When regular sticky tape and vacuums were unable to remove the stubborn pet hair, Jim Rimoshytus created a pair of gloves that did the trick. Furrfighters helps remove lint, dandruff and even dust from many different surfaces in addition to excess pet hair directly from the animal. Natural oils in the material help keep your pet’s coat shiny, too. Portable, reusable, washable and biodegradable, each product is 100 percent made in Rhode Island from 99 percent natural materials with help from other local businesses.

Founded in 2010, Rhode Island-based G-Form creates protective athletic equipment using lightweight materials. G-Form’s SmartFlex pads are flexible when worn, yet harden on impact. Molecules in the flexible pads slightly repel each other and, once hit, the molecules stiffen and absorb the energy from the impact. G-Form ensures padding remains moisture-free and lightweight by encapsulating the foam in its North Smithfield manufacturing plant. The pads stay in place with compression sleeves, silicone grippers and Velcro closures so you can focus on your activity. G-Form has also pivoted manufacturing to create face shields for PPE.

Pivot Power
Jake Zien, a former RISD student, first got the idea for Pivot Power when he submitted a high school project as part of a pre-college program. They say that necessity is the powerhouse of invention but for Zien it was more frustration. Annoyed with trying to get the most out of his power strip, Zien designed a flexible device that moves to fit every type of plug. Zien submitted his idea to Quirky, which makes products invented by real people, and it was turned into a reality. Order online at and look for Pivot Power in Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon.

LEIGH ShoeCase
You can never have too many pairs of shoes, but they can become a hassle when traveling. Designed in Westerly to transport shoes around the world, LEIGH ShoeCase provides an easy solution to packing them. Founder and retailer Tracey Cugno, a lover of both travel and shoes, was always searching for an organized way to haul all of her heels and flats safely away from her clothes. She repurposed a bag with compartments and started testing it with travelers at airport retail locations. Launched a year ago, the patent-pending ShoeCase can hold between four to six pairs by storing them vertically. Adjustable dividers slide so each set rests in a separate custom compartment. An antimicrobial silver lining also absorbs moisture and prevents bacteria growth.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Overexposure to blue light from computers, phones, televisions and tablets — especially now due to the drive to work remotely — can cause sleep disruption, headaches and eyestrain. Fifth and Ninth is a fashion and lifestyle accessory company in Narragansett that recently developed blue light blocking glasses for both adults and kids. These glasses not only look stylish, they’re also lightweight and durable. The secret is in the slightly yellow tinted lenses that block up to 50 percent of blue light’s harmful rays.