Theater Notes

If you have any desire to see The Gamm’s 4:48 Psychosis, go. Go this weekend: It closes Sunday. The play can be difficult to sit through at times, for sure, but I’m convinced Casey Seymour Kim’s performance is (thankfully) the closest most of us who do not suffer from mental illness can get to experiencing clinicial depression/psychosis. Her portrayal of "woman" is awe-inspiring in its unabashed nakedness (and a complete 180 from the zany, washed up Cable Access starlet Kim played about a year ago in Miss Pixie’s Cable Access Holiday Extravaganza).

Not to get too deep here, but … This show reminds me that, when done right, live theater has the power to advance our collective understanding of humanity better than perhaps any other medium. And in this case, shedding light on and reducing the stigma surrounding the —  often misunderstood — disease of depression might even save a life.

In lighter news, this weekend and next, the Consortium of Theatre Programs at Brown presents Writing Is Live, a festival of eight new plays (all works in progress) written by grad students. Tickets are free and available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Finally, if you enjoyed The Clean House when Trinity Rep staged it back in 2007, you won’t want to miss the theater’s soon-to-open Dead Man’s Cell Phone (gotta love that title!), by the same playwright, Sarah Ruhl.