The Weekly Weigh-In: This Week in Health and Wellness

Things you should know to make your day a little healthier.

The Weekly Weigh-In is a quick-hit roundup of pertinent, intriguing and just plain ol’ useful health and wellness news. 

It’s pumpkin season, which means you’re getting daily encouragement from Starbucks et. al. to consume as much pumpkin flavored (insert product here) as possible. But what else is this orange gourd good for besides making saccharine lattes? Turns out you can use it on your body as well. [Health]

There’s booze that’s good for you and the environment? Where’s my glass? [healthyish]

In other booze news, Amazon is trying to make getting that bottle of post-work-pinot a mere mouse click away. [Grub Street]

Brown is launching a mindfulness center, which means the much-touted practice is legit enough even for academics []

Local glass art pioneer Dale Chuhily opens up about his struggle with mental health. His intricate, swirling glasswork can be seen in the Chase Center at the RISD Museum. [Providence Journal]

The top nurses in Rhode Island were recognized this past Thursday by Rhode Island Monthly (shameless self-promo). Congratulations! Read their stories here: [Rhode Island Monthly]

On The Run: Local health and wellness goings-on

Sept. 27: Mushrooms are good for you (they are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, protein) and the Providence Public Library is hosting a Mushroom ID for Beginners Lecture so you can safely scout out your own.

Sept. 27: A free five-k on Blackstone Boulevard? Now you have no excuse not to do a three-mile race.

Sept. 28: Rhode Island Vegan Awareness Fundraising Day at Providence-based vegan ice cream shop Like No Udder. Ten percent of all ice cream sales will go towards Rhode Island Vegan Awareness. You’ll feel double the warm and fuzzies about eating this sweet treat! 

Sept. 30: Gloria Gemma’s Flames of Hope event includes Passport to Survivorship, a free healthy living expo for men and women.


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