The Weekly Weigh-In: The Strange Case of the Zombie Deer

Plus, the truth about all things"low carb," an app that diagnoses and prescribes, and the next big superfood.

So, apparently there’s a disease spreading around your local deer population that’s been turning them into ‘zombies.’ Oh, and it can spread to humans. Scared yet? Well it might not be the time to panic just yet. According to leading scientists, though it’s possible for humans to catch this disease, it hasn’t happened so far. Read more about the strange case of the zombie deer here. [Men’sHealth]

Finally, someone in the healthcare industry is actually listening to what the people want (sorry, congress!). Everyone hates taking the trip to the doctor and waiting in a stuffy (and sometimes smelly) waiting room when they’re sick, but now you don’t have to: Check out this new app that offers both flu diagnoses, and prescriptions, right from your smart phone. [ABC]

The average slice of bread has fifteen grams of carbs packed into it, so obviously a low carb substitute is tempting to those of us who are trying to shed a couple of pounds in time for summer. But is this new fad too good to be true? [Women’s Health]

The history of mental health and depression is riddled with quack doctors, ridiculous therapies, and negative stigma. But new evidence supporting an old theory linking our sleep cycles and emotions is steering doctors away from pills and towards innovative and understanding treatment. [MosaicScience]

Maybe you haven’t heard about superfoods since the Acai berry craze of 2012, but even if you have been keeping up to date, it’s likely that the ultra-fine (and nutritious!) particles of “Superdust” might have flown under your radar. Check out the tasty topping that’s putting protein and omega-threes in chai lattes everywhere. [BonAppetit]

On the Run: Local health and wellness going-ons

Feb. 2: Head over to the Pawtucket YMCA every Friday through March ninth to find that elusive workout which keeps you fit and healthy, but isn’t such a pain to actually follow through with. Of course we’re talking about adult kickball, straight from your middle school memories and back into your life.

Feb. 3: Staying healthy starts with a stellar diet, and nothing improves a diet quite like some organic veggies, meats, cheeses, sauces, and herbs. Find all of these ingredients and many more at the Aquidneck Grower’s Farmers Market held in Middletown this Saturday.

Feb. 6: Everyone knows that running is great for your health, but not everyone knows the risk of running with improper form. Master your technique through an hour long clinic with Rhode Runner’s Eric Longeran as he takes you through the basics to help you maximize your workout, and minimize potential injuries.

Feb. 8: As part of its Community Lecture Series, Newport Hospital is reaching out to women with a seminar discussing how they can better manage their cardiovascular health. Free blood pressure and balance screenings will also be offered to help attendees determine their cardiovascular needs.

Feb. 8: Have you ever wondered about what makes essential oils so essential in the first place? Now’s your chance to find out with an informative class that will unravel the mystery and teach you how essential oils can improve your immune and respiratory system this winter.

Feb. 9: Girls on the Run RI are hosting a HIIT workout for charity. What’s HIIT? It stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and it boasts such benefits as improved strength, endurance, power, agility, balance, and, of course, a great sweat.

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