The Weekly Weigh-In: Is the healing power of nature the real deal?

Plus, no more sickouts for Warwick school teachers, cookies for breakfast and a fall health and wellness fair.

It’s football season, which means Sundays are now wing-days. And with wings, you need dip. But forget the gloopy ranch, try this healthier (and tastier) alternative. [Bon Appetit]

Is the ‘healing power of nature’ hippie dippy nonsense, or should we all be frolicking in the woods? [Aeon]

Cookies for breakfast? The cookie monster would totally go for it (and so would we). [Healthyish]

No more sickouts for Warwick school teachers. A judge passed an order barring the practice, saying it damages kids’ education. [The Providence Journal]

Superwoman saves the day? This doctor exposed the negative underside of trying to be a modern superwoman and how hiding your problems only makes them worse. [Well and Good]

URI, in another move to raise awareness about mental health, is hosting a mental-health and suicide prevention walk and run. [The Providence Journal]

On The Run: Health and wellness goings-on

Oct. 26: Southern Rhode Island Volunteers and the Charleston Senior/Community Center invites you to connect with and serve senior residents and their families at the Fall Health and Wellness Fair, which promotes a healthier community and provides all the information you need on healthy aging.

Oct. 27: Glow in the dark while practicing your zen at Flow and Glow Blacklight Yoga. This special Halloween edition will be a fun-filled glowing experience while also helping you connect your mind with your body.

Oct. 28: Are you vegan, interested in learning more about veganism or do you simply enjoy any and all food? Looking for Halloweekend plans? Come to the Vegan Halloween Party and Fundraiser, Tricks and Treats, which will benefit Rhode Island Vegan Awareness.

Oct. 28: If you’re interested in learning more about herbalism and natural remedies, check out the Herbal Harvest Festival. The festival is organized with with social justice and health justice principles in mind, and will have relevant experts teaching classes, plant walks, kid’s activities and food for all attendees.

Reporting assistance by Grace Kelly.

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