The Weekly Weigh-In: Is Ours an Age of Exhaustion?

Plus, the scoop on green powders, Memorial Hospital shutters its ER, oxymel is the new juice and more in health and wellness.

With long work hours, the pressure to look good on social media and to lead the “perfect life,” ours can seem like an age of exhaustion. This article examines the “age of exhaustion” and investigates to see if exhaustion is more widespread today than it ever has been before— the answer may surprise you. [Aeon]

New age-y wellness tips are all the rage, as if a solution to all your bodily ills and spiritual funks is a super-smoothie of green powder, crystals and essential oils. While crystals and essentials oils are a tad more dubious, what about green powders? The folks at Healthyish taste-tested and researched some of the greenest of the batch. Read their conclusions here. [Healthyish]

Pack up your yoga pants and turn off your smartphone: these healthy travel hacks destroy the myth that meditation retreats are out of reach for most people. Click to learn more about programs that make going on a trip like this cheap, or even free. [Well and Good]

Forget juice; oxymel is the latest drink to cleanse your body and soul. Make your own version of the tart herbal tonic with this recipe. [Healthyish]

Care New England has officially submitted an application that would close Memorial Hospital’s doors for good. It’s unclear when the facility would officially close, but the Emergency Department will be the first to go. [Providence Journal]

Hygge-mania drove the 2016 bonanza of cozy candles, fuzzy socks, oversized mugs and more. But have you heard of the Swedish-Scandinavian concept of “lagom”? Hint: less is more. [Reader’s Digest]

On the Run: Health and wellness goings-on

Nov. 10: Lovers of all things lululemon, you’re in luck. The lululemon Grand Opening at Providence Place Mall is this weekend, and the high-end yoga chain will be taking over the old Apple store location. The party line up includes Barre and Soul, DJ Sprino, PVD Donuts, Borealis Coffee Roasters and much more.

Nov. 10: Curious to learn more about China? Exercise your brain and your body in a Walk and Talk put on by a group from Brown University seeking to educate others on the perceptions surrounding China and its people.

Nov. 11: The Environmental Education Center is free to the public the first Saturday of every month. This Saturday, they will be holding a Free Family Fun Day at Audubon where you can join in with the whole family on crafts, nature stories, animal discoveries, hikes and more. Look for bugs, meet an earthworm and dissect a mushroom all in a day’s work.

Nov. 14: Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Back by popular demand, Reiki Night at the Fall River Public Library will teach you about the mysterious spiritual healing art and allow you to experience it firsthand.

Reporting assistance by Grace Kelly 

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