The Weekly Weigh-In: Healthy Fried Chicken

Plus, our three New Year's resolutions, more health and wellness trends for 2018, why you eat what you eat and more in health and wellness.

Healthy fried chicken? We think this is perfect solution to balance our unhealthy cravings with our New Year’s resolution to eat better. [Healthyish]

Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, here are our digital health editor’s three totally feasible health-related ones. We promise they will be sans jade eggs and insane workouts. [RIMonthly]

We mentioned trends before, but this roundup of health trends to look out for in 2018 is worth giving a glance at. From vegan jerky to the famous Instapot, these trends will make then new year your healthiest one yet. [Today]

Ever want to know why you randomly crave pickles? How about those days when the m and m’s in the office just scream “eat me!”? Well, local expert Rachel Herz just wrote a book called “Why You Eat What You Eat,” which explains our modern relationship with food. [Providence Journal]

What if work was your life? Would life be worth living? This article explores the idea and the hypothetical situation of a life defined by being “pre-employed, employed, post-employed, underemployed and unemployed” sounds eerily accurate. [Aeon]

On the Run: Health and wellness goings-on

Jan. 7: At this Breathe and Brew event, you will take part in a sixty minute yoga class followed by beer and munchies provided by Brutopia.

Jan. 10: Beer and Yoga at Foolproof Brewing combines two great things: Vinyasa flow yoga and a flight of beer.

Jan. 12: Get in the groove with Drum, Dance and Flow Jam. Get your heartbeat going in a fun and unusual way.

Jan. 13: Jazz and cocktails are healthy for the soul (according to us!). This Sip and Swing  event at Sons of Liberty will combine both for a mellow evening.

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