The Weekend That Was

  1. I think Friday night was the third time I’ve eaten on Federal Hill and it was my first time at the Bradford News Cafe. Had their loaded baked potato pizza and Quattro De Uno (bread separated into four segments topped with olive oil, roasted garlic, red pepper, artichokes, mushrooms, onions and olives). Both were good in their own right, but the calamari caprese is a must-have. Their take on the squid appetizer includes diced tomatoes and a balsamic reduction to go along with the pepperoncini you find in more traditional recipes.
  1. When it comes to hockey, I’m totally uninterested, but on Friday I saw the beloved P Bruins for the first time. I can’t name a single player on the team, don’t know any rules of hockey and can’t even remember who they played, but I’d definitely go back again. It’s one of those things you have to do at least once just to get the full experience, complete with the “Let’s go Bruins” chants, player fights and well, a live hockey game.
  1. My friend celebrated her twenty-fourth birthday at Ri Ra in Providence on Saturday. I’d been there once before for dinner and that was the last place I expected to hear a cover band sing TLC’s “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls,” Zeppelin’s “Dyer Maker,” and A-Ha’s “Take On Me” in the same night. What’s more fun than trying to hit the high notes while singing along with a group of friends?
  1. Garden gnomes make great gifts for Celtics fans. His eyes are a little creepy looking, but I’d like to think Shaq would approve.
  1. Lastly, came across this video on Friday of a couple of writers from The Day in New London, Conn., who tried hot wieners for the first time. To be fair, I didn’t know a grilled cheese was referred to as a “mousetrap” either.