The Start of Nothing

This weekend, I passed a billboard on 95 that said "Nothing can end hunger." It was strange enough that I meant to go home and look  online to see what it was. I forgot. Then it caught my eye again in this morning’s Projo — the signs were teasers for the launch of the "Nothing" campaign for the RI Food Bank and unveiling of

Local ad agency NAIL designed the campaign pro-bono. The site features local hunger facts and video, including TV spots (filmed at the Warwick mall) for a "taste test" of a meal that thousands of Rhode Islanders come home to every day. Nothing.

You can see the spots here. (After you watch the first, titled "Taste Test," click on the second, "I Know." I can’t stop watching it.)

As part of the drive, the Food Bank is selling 40,000 cans of "nothing" for $2.99 at Whole Foods, Dunkin’ Donuts, Dave’s, Eastside Marketplace, Brigido’s and Clements’ markets. The cans are slotted banks; bring one home and fill it with spare change between now and July to donate to the Food bank.

More than 1/3 of the 53,000 Rhode Islanders who need food assistance are kids.

Find more info (and make an online donation, volunteer or pick up a can) at and the