The Roku Rocks

My brother sent me a Roku for Christmas, and that little black box has had me glued to the screen ever since.
The Roku is a small device that allows you to stream video instantly from your Netflix account to your television. Now, I know friends who’ve already been doing this with their home computers, but sadly mine doesn’t have the right kind of chip, having hatched in the dark ages of 2003 from a diplodocus egg. But I told myself this was no big deal since I don’t watch a whole lot of tv. (I don’t have cable or satellite, largely because if I do, my daughter will drive me nuts by spending all her time in front of the telly and failing to hear anything I say.)
But it turns out that I can peacefully co-exist with this particular form of tv. The Roku, which sits on top of my DVD player and instantly made it obsolete, streams a choice of 50,000 tv shows and movies, many of them in HD, to it in moments. The set up was actually, really a breeze. I already had a $10/month Netflix account and $20/month high-speed Internet connection, the two prerequisites for this puppy to work. And most importantly, my daughter hasn’t yet figured out how to work it.
I’ve been catching up on The Office, watched some Christmas flicks with my daughter, and am looking forward to starting in on some quality shows I’ve missed like, oh, all of them. True, the selection isn’t as great as the Netflix DVD library, but if I want to see a new release, I can always pony up on Amazon OnDemand and pay about the same amount as I would at a video rental store. But never leave the living room. Hmm, wonder why my jeans are feeling tight…
Anyhoo, got to hand it to my brother, who easily beat out my wine rack with this convenient and cheap gift that will keep on giving. If I had cable, I’d probably cancel it. Watch out, Cox! And FIOS, I laugh in your face. Introductory offer of $100 a month, indeed! Only a sucker would pay that much for telly with the Roku around.
At $80 each, ($100 for the HD ones) I might even get one or two for family members next Christmas. That will give me an excuse to prolong this year’s favorite holiday argument with my brother: whether it’s pronounced “rock-you” or “ro-koo.” My brother apparently spent 1992 studying or something and so missed the Queen song.