The October Issue

It’s not Anna Wintour, but the upcoming issue of our magazine does have some fascinating stuff in it. The cover story is Finding Love in RI, a feature about finding, and keeping, someone to snuggle up with – even in the teeny tiny pool that Rhode Island is, or at least feels like most of the time.
Part of the story involved sending out an online survey to hundreds of people, quite a few of whom actually bothered to take it. Thanks to all of them! They gave us some great info, more than we had space to print. So, in anticipation of the issue hitting news stands next week, here’s the first of a few blogs spilling some of the goods we couldn’t fit.
And to everyone coming to Wednesdays’s launch party at 1149 Restaurant, see you there! We were thrilled at the response, and sorry we can’t fit everyone who wanted to come. Next time, we’ll make sure we book a bigger space!

From our Love in RI survey, more anonymous tales of first dates gone right, or (often horribly) wrong…

We drank, we danced and chatted by the light of the moon on the edge of the ocean.

…he wanted to rant and rave about politics. When I told him I disagreed with his views, he said that since I was a capitalist I could pay for dinner, and walked out.

After going on a blind date with a guy he pulled up to my apartment and got in the backseat thinking we were going to hookup… that was the last time I spoke to him.

…at my age, I know not only what I want but what I don’t want AND I know that life is too short. Dive in! Is it love? It’s looking more and more like that every day…

I was physically assaulted by a very drunk woman who clearly hadn’t worked out her issues from her divorce. I haven’t dated since.

Greatest date ever was kayaking followed by a casual dinner and walking around a park. It turned out we made better friends, but his creativity was a great recommendation for his future girlfriend.