The Gift of Craft

Thanksgiving is usually the same for me every year: I eat turkey, watch football and plan like a madman for Black Friday.

Yes, I’ve been part of the mob at the Warwick Mall and have lined up outside the big box stores in hopes of taking advantage of some ridiculously low prices, but this year’s different. Because I’m on a huge crafts kick right now (and because I’d like to sleep in this Friday), I’m changing up my usual after-Thanksgiving antics and will skip the big sales for once.

Instead, I’ll be heading to the kickoff of the Ninth Annual Craftland Show at 235 Westminster St. in Providence to start my Christmas shopping. This year more than 170 local and international artists will be showcasing their work for sale including handbags, jewelry, clothes, paintings, prints and all sorts of different things. Rather than struggling to get up early to be one of the first in line for a sale, the biggest challenge this Friday will be focusing on buying gifts for friends and not for me. It might actually be harder…

If the sales still intrigue you this Friday and you don’t think you can make it to Craftland, don’t worry. It goes on until Dec. 31. For more information and show hours, visit the Craftland website.