The Frozen Yogurt Takeover

I might want to partake in a triathlon or drop the sophomore fifteen I gained, but in no way shape or form will I cave to the frozen yogurt trend. With Juniper Frozen Yogurt and Froyoworld located right in Providence and the first Pinkberry in Rhode Island opening in July (the June issue of The Dish has more on that, or if you’re not a subscriber, join), I feel like frozen yogurt is taking over.

No offense to those who mistakenly believe that frozen yogurt tastes better than real ice cream. I can’t change their beliefs; I can only help them realize the errors of their ways. And I am extremely disappointed in those who turn to frozen yogurt as an ice cream alternative.

Ice cream is savory, rich, heavy, melty and sweet. Frozen yogurt is exactly that: frozen and cold. It’s not as decadent and delicious as ice cream. If you’re going to have a frozen treat, it has to be a calorie and taste bud overindulgence.

Brickley’s Ice Cream in Narragansett has all the right flavors of ice cream: Chocolate, cake batter, peanut butter cup, it’s like I’ve landed in heaven. And with a small running at less than $4, I don’t have to worry about breaking the bank…or my pants!

They also serve yogurt — about seven different flavors — for all you sell outs.

Meghin Delaney is a journalism major at Syracuse University and a summer intern in our editorial department.