The Egyptian Chariot and Afternoon Revelry

Pippa keeps feeding me good blog stuff: Yesterday, she spotted photos and video of Brown student Sean Bagge’s handmade Egyptian chariot, which he created at Keeseh Studio in Pawtucket out of bent hardwood, raw hide, leather and some nifty mechanical engineering. (People are awesome.)

I was just talking to Keeseh founder Asher Dunn, who is down at Brown this afternoon to watch Sean’s chariot in action at a mock Egyptian battle being staged for professor Laura Bestock’s Ancient Egyptian Warfare class. He estimated a crowd of about 500 down there, which sounded about right from the roar in the background I could hear on the phone. ( “They’re getting into formation and are about to attack each other with cardboard swords,” said Asher.) He sent me some great pics, but I can’t get more than one to upload here. Not really a personal high to be struggling with basic internet skills in the same blog post where someone fashions an ancient chariot out of raw hide, but alas.

Moving right along, Keeseh Studio just released its summer courses, which include making your own wooden guitar. (Asher says the courses are beginner-friendly, but I think Asher probably wasn’t the kind of kid who accidentally nailed his project to his sleeve in high school wood shop.) Anyway, these courses look fun! Find something to do — and see a little more of Sean’s chariot  — here.